Computers/Business Ed

Course Outline Mr.Worsley








Course Description:

Computers/Business Ed 8 is a survey course that examines many aspects of Computers and Business Education


In this course, we will be covering, but not limiting ourselves, to the following topics:


1.    Introductory Web Development using HTML Programming

2.   Digital Photo Publishing (Photoshop)

3.    Animation & Game Creation (Flash)

4.    Business Education Simulations



Course Evaluation:


8      It is expected that students will arrive to class on time and be prepared to work immediately at the bell.


8      Students must hand in all assignments before the last day of class


8      Students are expected to follow a model of respect.  Also, respect toward teacher, peers, and equipment must be demonstrated on a daily basis.  Failure to meet these expectations will result in immediate removal from class.


8        It is expected that students will produce quality work at all times.  Most of your work will be published on the internet. 


8      It is expected that students will understand and follow the Surrey School District's and Elgin Park's acceptable use policy on computers and the internet.  There will be zero tolerance held on disregard for this policy.  This will result in immediate removal from the computer lab and possibly the class -- this includes no gaming.






Course Evaluation:



Assignments 80%
Classroom Participation 20%