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Snoopy is a cartoon character created by Charles M. Schulz. He is from a very famous comic strip called Peanuts.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy

He is a dog owned by Charlie Brown.

Snoopy is a black and white dog and was originally going to be named Sniffy.


He has a friend who is called Woodstock.

Snoopy pretnding to be Flying Ace

Snoopy loves to imagine being various characters, especially the World War I Flying Ace.

Snoopy sleeping on top of dog house

He loves to sleep on top of his doghouse rather than in it.
Snoopy doing the happy dance
Snoopy never forgets when itís time to eat and often celebrates the occasion with a happy dance.

Snoopy and his siblings

Snoopy has five brothers and two sisters. Their names are Andy, Marbles, Olaf, Rover, Spike, Molly and Belle.

The Peanuts Gang

The Peanuts Gang
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